About Me

About Me

Have you gotten bored with the stale formulaic content of Hollywood? 
It’s constantly…..reboot after reboot AFTER REBOOT! 


Alexander Lynds aka FrostDrive photograph


There’s something much more inspiring to me, about
new indie content made by real people (and not corporate executives)

      I started my first comic series in middle school and I had a friend, Tanner who had his own comic series too! We even had a small fanclub at the school that was eager to read every new page we made. I didn’t realize it at the time…

But that kind of support is vital.

And here I am a decade later still doing the same thing, but with bigger and better goals. I’ve discovered what makes things charming, charismatic, and memorable and will use that to make amazing things going forward.

If you support me and my content online, you’ll see that amazing stuff!!

Wether its the cozy crazyness of Art Parlor , the whacky world of Evil Villain Academy,
or my insanely edited FrostDrive videos, there’s a lot to enjoy!!


When was the last time you read something raw and unfiltered, straight imagination?
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comic books of Evil Villain Academy and Max Parrish
"The whole thing has a lot of potential!

The design is great, and the world is a lot of fun. He left the lore open, too, so the potential for expansion is limitless."
Jacob Casselman
- Musician / Voice Actor
"Watching FrostDrive is the equivalent to summer dick. If you don't know what that is, it's basically when the temperatures rise, it makes the male anatomy much larger due to the lack of shrinkage. Am I saying watching Frostdrive will make your dick bigger? Well, there's only one way to find out."
- 14k YouTuber