Pixie Phoebe! New Cartoon Series Coming (:

Posted by Alexander Lynds on

Hey Everyone! I'm stating a new cartoon comic series soon! 

It stars a Pixie named Phoebe who after burning her homeland, the Pixie Kingdom to the ground she goes off to attend Evil Villain Academy!

This is the main character Phoebe who's dream is to become the most villainous mastermind the world's ever seen. She is full of determination and wrath. 


This is the second main Character Sonia the Succubus. The cloud is called Cloud 9 or C9 who carries Sonia around because she can't move her legs. She's kind, shy and really not at all what a succubus should be like. 

These are a couple of antagonists among a few. Ivory Valentine AKA Princess I.V. is the princess of the faeries and is really really evil (or so she'd have you believe). 
Merry is an angel...and a ghost. How does that make sense?

Here are some other classmates/characters including Pix, the MonsterDex who will let everyone know information about monster species as they appear. Soapy the bubble talking jellyfish, Mr.Pico the very strict sustainability teacher, Trevor the centaur with no redeeming qualities whatsoever because centaurs are the dumbest thing ever created, and Hercules the Human who is the most evil student at E.V.A. 

And finally here are the heroes of the story! Meet Guy, the strongest Pixie sent from the Pixie Kingdom to rescue and return Phoebe. Along the way he meets some amazing friends and together Guy uses the power of friendship to vanquish the evil from their foes. 

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